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broom-hygiene Average customer rating:

Broom (HACCP Hygiene)

Aluminium handle hygiene broom with nylon head

Product details

broom-household5 Average customer rating:

Broom (Household HACCP)

300mm wooden stock with handle household broom

Product details

broom-scrubbing Average customer rating:

Broom (Scrubbing)

Colour coded aluminium handled scrubbing brooms

Product details

cloth-hygiene6 Average customer rating:

Cloth (Hygiene)

Red, Green, Yellow or Blue hygiene cloths for HACCP compliance

Product details

cloth-microfibre Average customer rating:

Cloth (Microfibre)

Colour coded microfibre cloths for effective wiping and cleaning

Product details

cloth-spunlace Average customer rating:

Cloth (Spunlace)

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow or White spunlace cloth for HACCP compliance (50's)

Product details

coloured-buckets Average customer rating:

Coloured Buckets (2l or 5l)

Red, Blue, Green, Yellow or White 2lt or 5 lt buckets (No lid)

Product details

deli-glooves Average customer rating:

Deli Gloves

Clear disposable plastic gloves

Product details

fan-mops-and-handles Average customer rating:

Fan Mops and Handles

Aluminium fan mop and handle with optional colour coded heads

Product details

fibre-scourers Average customer rating:

Fibre Scourers

Scouring pads (alternative option to steel wool or pot scourers)

Product details

floor-signs Average customer rating:

Floor Signs

Wet floor signs for cleaning in progress regulations

Product details

gearpress-trolleys Average customer rating:

Gearpress Trolleys

Gearpress trolleys and bucket system for mopping

Product details

grill-brush Average customer rating:

Grill Brush

Steel bristled brushes for cleaning grills

Product details

hair-nets-mop-caps Average customer rating:

Hair Nets (Mop Caps)

Hair nets for food industry

Product details

handles-and-grips Average customer rating:

Handles and Grips

Colour coded handles and grips

Product details

scouring-pads Average customer rating:

Scouring Pads

Green scouring pads with no foam

Product details

spray-bottles4 Average customer rating:

Spray Bottles

Adjustable nozzle spray bottle & Trigger

Product details

wall-rack Average customer rating:

Wall Rack

Wall rack for organizing mops and brooms

Product details

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