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Tridet Chemicals has been manufacturing and distributing cleaning products since 2000 and today have a long growing list of satisfied customers in various industries. Since our beginnings we have continuously expanded thanks to our quality products, great value for money, reliable and professional service as well as customer trust in Tridet as their supplier. We support various charities including C.H.O.C, Oasis childrens home, Kitty shelter, Toevlugsoord 911 and more.

We have formulated a wide range of high quality products ranging from powerful degreasers and detergents to gentle hand soaps and cleansers as well as disinfectants, sanitizers and various other detergents. We also offer a wide range of brushware, paperware and equipment  including a HACCP range to help our customers achieve a high standard of hygiene thus helping with regulatory requirements at very competitive rates.

Environmental awareness and safety is important. Tridet therefore implements responsible principles in manufacturing while creating as little impact on our natural environment as possible. We also actively promote a drum rotation and recycling programme with our customers to help in the fight against pollution.

We offer MSDS's (Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet) on all our cleaning chemicals and carry a wide range of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) products and equipment to help our customers achieve a high standard of hygiene.

Tridet Chemicals is a professional, fair and responsible organization. We are committed to complying with various standards, providing and manufacturing a range of quality products while delivering exceptional service with uncompromising integrity.

Let our friendly, well trained staff surprise you with excellent, clockwork service.

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Services Offered

Product Training:

We understand the concerns due to reliability, dilution rates, product colour and service when changing supplier's, we therefore offer free training to our customers when our products are introduced, including HACCP awareness and understanding, making the transition as easy as 1.2.3. Our representatives are fully trained in product application, dilutions and usage and will train staff effectively to ensure correct product and safety procedures are followed, thus helping to minimize wastage, loss and other hazards which could be encountered. 


Our representatives are trained in sanitization and hygiene and visit our customers on a regular basis. They assist in finding the most economical and effective use of our products as well as making themselves available should any assistance be required.


As a valued customer we will contact you prior to your clockwork delivery scheduled day unless otherwise requested. Should you wish to phone, fax or email your order in instead you may do so with ease, making ordering as easy as 1.2.3.


In order to maintain our high standards at competitive rates, deliveries are by road within our clock-work delivery schedule. When contacting us, please enquire with our sales department when we deliver to your area.


We offer an excellent back-up service providing a number of services including but not limited to; Spot checks, HACCP signage, MSD's and reports. We help our customers exceed the regulatory requirements.


As a valued customer you will have peace of mind knowing you are part of our professional health, hygiene and cleanliness programme.



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